UbiBot ® Smart Leak Detector LD1

Leak and Drip Alerts | Precise Positioning

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Double-sided water leakage detection, quickly determine the leakage point

UbiBot LD1 supports double-sided leak detection, 24/7 detection of conductive liquid leaks, sensitive and accurate sensing, and immediate alarm when leakage happens. When UbiBot LD1 detects the liquid leakage, it will trigger an audible and visual alarm immediately and display the location of the leakage on the LCD screen in real time. (*LD1 can output 12V to activate the relay when the alert is triggered.)


Always On Duty

LD1 is designed with high-sensitivity water-detection cable which is fire-resistant and wear-resistant, with high breaking resistance, stable and reliable. The wire core sheath is made of quick-drying material, which can be quickly restored to normal state after wiping or drying.


RS485 protocol

Multiple Alerts

Relay Output

Detect Leak Location

Double-sided Detection Probe

24/7 Protection

High Sensitivity

No False Trigger

Multiple Alerts

Multi-mode alerts, comprehensive security. Once the alarm has been triggered, it can be turned off by using any button. The monitoring vacuum period can be set on the platform, and the alarm will be re-opened automatically.


Relay Control

The LD1’s interface automatically outputs DC 12V when the alert is triggered. UbiBot Sound & Light Alarm can be connected with LD1. Using solid relay's 220V output is used to enable control of pumps, solenoid valves, and other similar components.


Disconnect Detection

Real-time monitoring of the device's working status, alerts for detection of rope damage, breakage status alarms, timely detection of cable failure all ensuring stable operation of the device.


Multiple Network Connection Methods

UbiBot Leak Detector LD1 can be connected to the UbiBot IoT big data platform through WiFi/4G/RJ45 Ethernet cable. Full data collection, view, and management. Leak & disconnect status can be pushed to multiple terminals like mobile/tablet and laptop.


Technical Specifications


Detection Object: Non-corrosive conductive liquid

Detection Range: Up to 100m

Accuracy: ±0.5m

Response time: <5s

Network: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi( channels 1-13)/4G*/ RJ45 Ethernet *

Output Signal: RS485, Relay output (DC12V,≤100mA)

Power Supply: DC12V/1A

*Depending on the specific model purchased.

Application Scenarios