UbiBot® MS1 wireless motion sensor

Highly sensitive motion detection with cloud connection and IFTTT compatible

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Innovative technology, Striving for perfect

The MS1 motion sensor supports WLAN and RJ45 Ethernet cable connections. When installed in a place with a large field of view, the motion sensor can accurately detect the slight movement of people or animals. The trigger log is recorded on UbiBot®'s IoT cloud platform, which you can download anytime, anywhere.


51/5000 POE network provisioning, data transmission stability

Support WiFi and RJ45 Ethernet cable connection. The POE network ensures much easier deployment, stability and real-time updates. Supports 220V power supply, USB and PoE. Multiple communication and power supply modes fit different surveillance environments and reduce the wiring rate.


Multiple Alert modes are widely used in security field

The MS1 supports various warning rules and warning modes via the platform in order to implement remote security monitoring. The immediate status report online or offline takes place in real time. The sensors' efficient and sensible algorithm can effectively reduce the number of false positives.

Platform-based alert rules


Receive alerts in real time


A variety of alarm modes options


Device online / offline notifications


As low as 0.3% false alert rate


Connect to the cloud-based IoT platform

The UbiBot® MS1 motion sensor is connected to the IoT big data platform via wireless WiFi / RJ45 Ethernet cable. The movement data of people or animals captured by the built-in sensor is uploaded in real time and can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, computers and other IoT terminals.



Detection distance: up to 12 meters

Detection angle: vertical 40 degrees, horizontal 105 degrees

Power supply: Micro USB / POE power supply * / AC power supply *

Operating Temperature: MS1 0~50℃ ; MS1P -10~50℃

Network: 2.4GHz WiFi / RJ45 Ethernet *

Compatibility: Android 8.1 / iOS 11 +

Dimensions: 80×80×48mm

Convenient installation

The MS1 can be placed directly in the desired surveillance area and glued to the smooth wall surface with double-sided adhesive tape or attached to the wall with screws. The surface of the product is matt warm white and integrates easily into the environment.


Different combinations, build your smart life

The UbiBot® Motion Sensor MS1 is connected to the IoT cloud platform via WiFi / POE Ethernet cable and can notify you of an emergency, which will be sent to your mobile phone. In combination with UbiBot® Smart Plug SP1 it is very easy to turn on the light or set off an alarm when someone is detected. Different arrangements can create different user scenarios.

Connect the MS1 in your office to the lighting system using the Smart Plug SP1 and control the lighting as required.

If someone breaks into the house without authorization, our IoT cloud platform sends warning messages to the user immediately.

Optimize your building management and use the MS1 for optimal use of space, such as room occupancy.