Cloud-Based IoT Platform

Big data, evaluations and visualizations help you to maximize the IoT benefits for your company


Explore the UbiBot® IoT Platform

The UbiBot® IoT platform is a one-stop solution for all your IoT needs. Manage all your devices from one location. Take advantage of advanced analytics & visualisation, dynamic alerts and secure data storage to maximise the benefits of IoT for your business.


How can the UbiBot® IoT Platform unlock the value of your business?

Data management

Manage all your IoT data in one location, extract clear insights and maximise its value. You always retain full control over your data.


Unlimited Storage

Unlimited cloud-based storage ensures you will never run out of space. This allows you to view all your historical data via the app or browser.


Open API

Our free RESTful API gives you full access to our platform, allowing you to build your own Apps to access your data securely.


Analysis and visualisation

Use powerful analysis and visualisation tools to get the most out of your data. Spot trends and make direct comparisons.


Real-time alerts

Our fully customisable alerts system will notify you by app notifications or emails as soon as any metrics cross the thresholds you set.


Highly Secure Platform

Our platform is designed to keep all your data secure so you never have to worry about hackers or other security breaches.


Platform services

With UbiBot® you can send alerts via email. 200 email notifications per device per month are free. (If you have 10 devices, you will receive 2000 free email notifications per month). Beyond that, you will be charged 3 credits per 1000 emails.


UbiBot® works with IFTTT (if this then that) and offers you a number of options for monitoring your surroundings. By logging into the IFTTT account, you can trigger millions of different IFTTT events, such as turning on the heater when the temperature drops below a threshold. By integrating into the IFTTT, your intelligent devices can communicate with each other without manual intervention.


With UbiBot® you can have SMS messages sent in the event of an alarm. The fee for this service is only 0.02 credit / SMS. Please note that automatically generated SMS text alarms can be blocked by the operator if they are sent to the same telephone number at high frequency within a short time. In addition, high fees can arise. The UbiBot platform offers you options to avoid such cases, but cannot accept any liability for costs.


With UbiBot® you can set an alarm by voice call. The fee for this service is only 0.03 credit / call. Please note that automatically generated voice messages can be blocked by the operator if they are sent to the same phone number at high frequency within a short time. In addition, high fees can arise. The UbiBot platform offers you options to avoid such cases, but cannot accept any liability for costs.


The AutoSync Google Sheets Service we provide is to let the device automatically upload its newly generated data to the Google Drive Spreadsheet for backup and third-party application access. With Google Sheets, you can create, edit, and collaborate wherever you are. The cost of this service is just 1 USD per month per device.


HTTP interaction services, also known as UbiHTTP, enables communication between devices, websites, and web services without implementing protocols at the device level. You can define operations in UbiHTTP and then use them as triggers for other UbiBot® functions such as the alarm function.


Connect Google Home to your UbiBot® system to receive temperature and other data by voice command and to control a number of processes, such as automatically switching the heating and air conditioning on and off.


With UbiBot Smart Home skill, now you can interact with your UbiBot devices by voice, you can setup routines to use readings from UbiBot temperature sensors as conditions to perform series of actions, such as turning on/off the heating and air conditioning.


Cloud usage fees

We have designed the fees for using our data cloud as cheaply as possible to make your start as easy as possible. Cloud use is generally free of charge for users of just one or a few data loggers.

€ 0.00 credits / month

UbiBot Free
200 MB storage
1 GB outbound traffic

5.00 € credits / month

UbiBot 1G
1 GB storage
5 GB outbound traffic

10.00 € credits / month

UbiBot 2G
2 GB storage
10 GB outbound traffic

€ 20.00 credits / month

UbiBot 3G
4 GB storage
20 GB outbound traffic

€ 40.00 credits / month

UbiBot 4G
8 GB storage
40 GB outbound traffic

€ 80.00 credits / month

UbiBot 16G
16 GB storage
80 GB outbound traffic

The data volumes relate to one device. Take the free plan as an example. The free space of 200 MB and the outgoing traffic of 1 GB apply to every device in your account. If you have multiple devices, each has 200MB of memory and 1GB of outbound traffic. 200 MB of memory is lifelong and 1 GB of outgoing data traffic is billed monthly. However, a balance of outgoing traffic is not carried over to the next month. For example, if you only used 500 MB of outgoing traffic this month, the counter will start from zero again next month.

Additional functions and services

The Ubibot platform offers several value-added services that allow you to use them conveniently and flexibly. Note that the charges for voice calls and SMS texts depend on the network operator and the region of your recipient number.

Alert *A maximum of 20 alert rules can be added to each channel

Email①: Free
App: Free
HTTP: Free
Voice Call / SMS②: From 0,03 Credit / call
and 0,02 Credit / SMS



Data forwarding

1 Credit / month③


1 credit / month per device


1 credit / month per device

AutoSync Google Sheets

1 credit / month per device

① The threshold of 200 free email notifications per device per month (if you have 10 devices, you will have 2000 free emails per month). Average cost 3 credits per thousand email notifications sent.

② The voice call and SMS text notifications may be blocked by your SIM card provider if high-frequency warnings are sent to the same phone number within a short time. This depends on your provider and there may be high fees.

③ We offer three times free test data forwarding services for new UbiBot devices. Each attempt is valid for 24 hours. Monthly fees will apply if you want to continue using this feature. Click here for detailed configuration steps.

* The credits in your account can be used to pay for all UbiBot platform services, including monthly plan fees, paid notifications and renewal of outgoing traffic, etc. The credits cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to others. 1 credit equals 1 USD.

Advanced Device Management

Manage all of your IoT devices from a single platform. Our platform can communicate with any Ubibot® IoT sensor that has a network connection. Streamline the data sharing process, create logical device groups, and get the most out of all your devices.

Advanced Maps View

We understand that devices might be deployed in multiple locations globally. The UbiBot® IoT Platform offers an advanced Map View showing all your devices and allowing you to make direct comparisons on screen.

Customisable Alerts and Notifications

One of the most valuable functions of the UBIBOT® platform is the automatic live monitoring of critical measured variables. Our customizable alarm function sends notifications as soon as a measurand exceeds the threshold values you have defined. Notifications can be sent across multiple channels such as email, SMS or voice notification.

Data analysis and visualisation

UbiBot's online analytical tools allow you to get the most out of your data. We offer advanced graphing and plotting functions that allow you to visualise complex data to spot trends and relationships.

Search historical data

The UbiBot® IoT Platform stores all your historical data and allows you to access it using advanced search functions. This allows you to make direct comparisons between historical and current data.