UbiBot® WLAN Data Logger for Intelligent Environmental Monitoring

Sensors for temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and more

Synchronize data via WLAN with the UbiBot Cloud

Intelligent detection around the clock, also compatible with IFTTT

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How UbiBot® WLAN data loggers work

UbiBot® offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions wherever they matter. The sensors synchronize with our UbiBot® IoT platform via WiFi, LAN or cellular (no expensive separate hub required). The data is available to you from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser. You always have an overview and can react quickly.

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UbiBot® WS1 - WLAN Data Logger

The WS1 is Wi-Fi enabled and continuously monitors temperature, humidity and more. With the WS1 you can monitor the environmental conditions in your home, office, warehouse or production facility.


UbiBot® WS1 Pro - Universal Data Logger

The sensor-rich WS1 Pro has a large LCD screen. Thanks to cellular and WLAN connectivity, you can use it almost anywhere for your monitoring task.


UbiBot® GS1 - Environmental Data Logger

The industrial version GS1 is specially designed for harsh industrial environments. The water and dust-protected device ensures stable operation and reliable measurements.


UbiBot® GS2 - Data logger

The UbiBot® GS2 provides accurate conductivity / pH measurements with attached long-life external probes. For example, it monitors pH and conductivity in hydroponic culture solutions, as well as temperature and light, continuously and in real time.


UbiBot® AQS1 - Air quality sensor

The AQS1 air quality sensor can detect and monitor PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10, volatile gases TVOC, carbon dioxide CO2 and other harmful gas values around the clock. With this device, you have control over the air quality at all times.


UbiBot® LD1 - Intelligent leak detector

UbiBot LD1 supports double-sided leak detection, the detection of leaks of conductive liquids around the clock. When the UbiBot LD1 detects a liquid leak, it immediately triggers an audible and visual alarm and displays the location of the leak in real time on the LCD screen.


UbiBot® IoT platform

The IoT platform can be accessed from anywhere using the UbiBot ® smartphone App, or via the web. It automates data storage and analysis and allows you to set real-time alerts.

Platform services

With UbiBot® you can send alerts via email. 200 email notifications per device per month are free. (If you have 10 devices, you will receive 2000 free email notifications per month). Beyond that, you will be charged 3 credits per 1000 emails.


UbiBot® works with IFTTT (if this then that) and offers you a number of options for monitoring your surroundings. By logging into the IFTTT account, you can trigger millions of different IFTTT events, such as turning on the heater when the temperature drops below a threshold. By integrating into the IFTTT, your intelligent devices can communicate with each other without manual intervention.


With UbiBot® you can have SMS messages sent in the event of an alarm. The fee for this service is only 0.02 credit / SMS. Please note that automatically generated SMS text alarms can be blocked by the operator if they are sent to the same telephone number at high frequency within a short time. In addition, high fees can arise. The UbiBot platform offers you options to avoid such cases, but cannot accept any liability for costs.


With UbiBot® you can set an alarm by voice call. The fee for this service is only 0.03 credit / call. Please note that automatically generated voice messages can be blocked by the operator if they are sent to the same phone number at high frequency within a short time. In addition, high fees can arise. The UbiBot platform offers you options to avoid such cases, but cannot accept any liability for costs.


The AutoSync Google Sheets Service we provide is to let the device automatically upload its newly generated data to the Google Drive Spreadsheet for backup and third-party application access. With Google Sheets, you can create, edit, and collaborate wherever you are. The cost of this service is just 1 USD per month per device.


HTTP interaction services, also known as UbiHTTP, enables communication between devices, websites, and web services without implementing protocols at the device level. You can define operations in UbiHTTP and then use them as triggers for other UbiBot® functions such as the alarm function.


Connect Google Home to your UbiBot® system to receive temperature and other data by voice command and to control a number of processes, such as automatically switching the heating and air conditioning on and off.


With UbiBot Smart Home skill, now you can interact with your UbiBot devices by voice, you can setup routines to use readings from UbiBot temperature sensors as conditions to perform series of actions, such as turning on/off the heating and air conditioning.


Prominent Features of the Platform-based Ubibot App


Multi-channel Configurable Alerts
Real-time alerts for peace of mind

Advanced Alert Options

Like a good night's sleep? Choose the times an alert is active so you aren't disturbed.

Multiple channels

UbiBot® offers several channels for sending notifications. From email and voice to in-app notifications and text messages.

A Virtual Guardian

Our alarm service monitors your devices remotely. Receive notifications when a metric is outside the range you set.

Online Monitoring

We alert you as soon as any device goes offline. Remember that our devices still record data when offline, so you won't lose any readings.

Data Sharing
Designed to make your life easier

24/7 Monitoring

Share your devices with colleagues, friends or family. Let others help monitor what's happening.

Real-time Observations

Use the App to view the real-time conditions. Choose who to share the measurements with.

Shared Alerts

When sharing your device with another person you can also choose to add them to any alerts you have set up. Ideal for on-call team members.

Manage Data in One Place

The UbiBot® App gives you a single place to manage data sharing and gives you a view of who previously had access to the data.


Monitoring in agriculture and horticulture

UbiBot® gives you the security that your plants will thrive by providing real-time wireless data on temperature, humidity and light. The system supports free notifications via app notifications, email and IFTTT. Voice call and SMS notifications are also supported.

Monitoring in animal breeding

Maintaining the right environmental conditions is crucial for raising livestock. With Ubibot® you can monitor this in real time from anywhere in the world. So you can always be sure that your animals are well looked after.

Home surveillance - children's room

Your baby means everything in the world to you! A small Ubibot® sensor provides you with information about the current temperature, humidity and brightness in the children's room at all times.

Monitoring - warehouse, transport, logistics

UbiBot ® offers you wireless real-time monitoring of the environmental conditions in your warehouse. Monitor conditions remotely or outside of business hours and make sure everything is fine.

Monitoring - Wine cellar

Wine needs precisely defined storage conditions for its maturity. Use wireless UbiBot® sensors to remotely measure the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar and store the data for a long time.

Pharmaceutical monitoring - Pharmacies

Many drugs have critical temperature control requirements. Easily monitor the temperature of your medication store online with UbiBot®. With the Ubibot® app you have the storage conditions at hand at all times and you will be informed immediately if something is wrong.